Our restoration services include cleaning, hole, and tear mending, lining, stretching, flattening, color match inpainting, paint loss filling, revarnishing on oil and acrylic paintings and cleaning, bleaching and thymol treatments for works on paper.

Exposure to environmental change or improper storage may require any given painting to be in need of restoration and/or conservation treatment. Some of the most common problems that may be corrected are old yellowing varnish layers and wood or cigarette smoke.

Paintings suffering from time, fire, water, bad previous restoration jobs or handling mishaps may also be reversed and corrected. We give free estimates and blacklight examination of artwork as needed.

Bring or mail the artwork to the Gallery for cost, condition evaluation, and a consultation. Please call 831-626-1766 for an appointment to bring in the artwork. Our address is at the top of the page.

Oil portrait on canvas circa – 1940s

The image on left – dirty with heavy nicotine.
The image on right – cleaned and revarnished. Artist’s signature was now visible

Albert DeRome oil painting  right side  after cleaning;
left side heavy dirt and nicotine now removed

Large rip and abrasions on left / fully restored on right