Let’s visit Roppongi – Japan’s First Snoopy Museum!

This time Chapmangallery will tell you to go to the Snoopy Museum, which starts on April 2016! One of the popular cartoon characters in the world is “Snoopy.” Snoopy’s funny appearance and the unique character of Charlie Brown made the story of the two liked by not a few people.

Branch of the Schulz Museum Now in Japan

The Snoopy Museum was started in April 2016 in Roppongi, Japan. The Snoopy Museum is the world’s first branch of the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California, USA.

The Snoopy Museum has a gallery that exhibits products about the Snoopy character created by the creator of this character himself, namely Charles M. Schulz. Then there is the native comic gallery from this character, “Peanuts,” a gift shop that sells many original Snoopy character products, and a cafe with an open deck concept, Cafe Blanket.

This place can be accessed within a 7-minute walk from Roppongi Station and can be a resting place in the middle of a busy urban location. Before entering this museum, visitors will be welcomed by a variety of expressions from Snoopy.

These are Snoopy’s 5 bodies. This character is not enough than 3 years old. In 1953 this character was still a small dog that jogged with its four legs, but since 1997 this character began to be created standing on 2 feet and so until now.

A Valuable Original Comic Gallery

After stepping on the museum, on the left there is a cafe visitor, in the central location there is a gift shop, and on the right, there is a gallery. First, let’s watch the gallery space in front of the atrium. Here there are 4452 copies of the indigenous 3D comic art “Peanuts.”

When you approach, you will think, “Wow, this is a comic group that is not small!”. But if you take a little distance, you will meet a familiar figure from Charlie Brown and Snoopy. In the comic gallery, visitors will see an option original comic from Jean, Schulz’s wife. When watching and enjoying this historical comic in sequence, you may forget the time.

Also, there are memory objects related to Schulz and “Peanuts” like sketch drawings and hand articles.

Many Original Souvenirs Can Only Be Found Here

Next, we will take you to the BROWN’S STORE store. Here, there are so many kinds of products, like books, stationery, home appliances, and many daily necessities! Besides, there are also original Snoopy Museum products and products in collaboration with familiar brands in Japan that can be used as souvenirs to take home.

The convenience of “Cafe Blanket” That Will Make You Forget Being in Urban

If we are hungry, please come to “Cafe Blanket.” The freshness of the blue color of the table will welcome us and give off an impressive cafe atmosphere. There are many kinds of menus, one of which is the Snoopy Dish Combo (starting from 1,480 yen) which consists of a sandwich with mini corn dogs, potatoes, and peanuts butter.

Also, many kinds of dessert can be enjoyed, like a pancake and a pizza dessert, as well as drinks associated with exhibitions in the museum, namely the milkshake “My Sweet Bubble” (priced at 900 yen). There are also places to sit on the open deck that will create you have no chance that you are in the middle of the city.

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

Because visitors who are interested in experiencing the Snoopy Museum which contains a lot of the appeal of Peanuts and Snoopy’s comics is quite a lot, then you must order tickets with the specified date and time. Tickets can be purchased a maximum of 2 days before traffic on Lawson Tickets. Also, if you have time before the day of the visit, we can buy tickets for the day of traffic at the ticket sales location in this museum. Information about tickets can be seen on this website.

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