5 Scary Paintings in the World, Do You Dare to See Number 4 Painting?

Residents of new homes usually buy a painting to give a beautiful impression to a room. However, what happens when replacing a house with scary paintings in the world? I was amazed … but the hair on my neck stood up!
A painting full of abstract scribbles has a high artistic value, which can create a spooky impression.
Some paintings have creepy themes made by world-famous painters.

Try your test by looking at the scary paintings below!

“The Crying Boy”

In plain view, this boy is adorable, isn’t he? However, the work of Giovanni Bragolin’s painting or also called Bruno Amadio, became famous because of the story of a firefighter. The Sun magazine published the story in 1980 in England.

There was one fire that occurred in one house this year, but the only item left was the painting “Crying Child.” Very hot flames did not scratch this painting. A lively fact, the boy in this painting, is an orphan greater in danger. Wow, goosebumps, too, the story!

“Death of Marat”

Still Edvard Munch, a Norwegian painter. This time his work tells the story of a man named Marat who fights against his illness. The brutal, horrific impression studied by patients still struggling to produce remains seriously ill.

The Hands Resist Him

The making of this painting was in 1972 by Bill Stoneham. “The Hands Resist Him,” ​​thought the figure of a boy who was said to be Bill when he was a child. He was seen standing alone with an expressionless girl doll beside him.
Mystical stories often occur in this painting because, based on the recognition of people who have received, this painting often moves on its own. Also, the girl doll in the picture often disappears. Geez, you’re so scary!

The Dead Mother

This work by Edvard Munch is included in the next creepy painting. The fact that was released, this painting was the outpouring of the painter, Edvard, who was left dead by the comics. The emotions expressed in each stroke seemed to make “The Dead Mother” very real and lively.

According to the story, the figure of a child in this painting looks very lively because someone is staring then the boy’s eyes will come along. Ouch! Do you dare to be surprised?

Heads Severed

This work is one of the scariest paintings in the world. The painter is Theodore Gericault, who is identical to his romantic works. However, for this work, he places different romanticism. Pieces inspired him in hospitals and laboratories. The concept is beautiful … but it’s scary at night?

When Football Is Combined With Famous Artist Style Paintings

Football is an art. A British artist named John Myatt realized it. Andres Iniesta, Steven Gerrard, Arjen Robben, Andrea Pirlo, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have their own stories in their football careers, are depicted in streaks of paint on canvas.

Myatt created Gerrard, Iniesta, Robben, Ronaldo, and Pirlo, with paintings inspired by historical paintings. He imitated the style of paintings of famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro.

Using the iconic face as the basis for my painting is very pleasant. “Of course we often see the talent of soccer players like Ronaldo and Gerrard on TV screens, but I have never seen their faces plastered on paintings like this before,” Myatt said in the launch of his painting on Sky Sport 5.

Quite interesting, Myatt’s idea. I wonder what the results will be like?

Here are five paintings that are the work of John Myatt and the stories behind the paintings:

Steven Gerrard a la Sir Joshua Reynolds

Sir Joshua Reynolds was a prominent painter in the mid-1700s. King George III knighted him in 1769.

In 1766 he painted General John Burgoyne. Burgoyne is synonymous with thinking and slow movements that made him and his troops captured in the American revolutionary war. To commemorate the turning point of the great war, Historian Edmund Morgan described the moment.

Then why is Gerrard described as General Burgoyne? There is a link between the incident on 27 April in which the Liverpool captain slipped, which made the Chelsea striker, Demba Ba, get an open opportunity that finally scored to give Chelsea victory. The defeat made Liverpool fail to win the title of the champion who has been coveted since 1990.

Not only that, but some parties also put Gerrard as the party that made Uruguay able to win the match when Uruguay met England in the World Cup group stage. Gerrard is wrongly anticipating the ball so that the ball leads to Uruguay striker Luis Suarez. Suarez then scored the decisive goal for Uruguay’s win over England. Identical to what General Burgoyne did in the past.

Arjen Robben a la Vincent van Gogh

Initially, many people struggled why Vincent van Gogh’s painting was pinned to Arjen Robben. Van Gogh is known as a painter who lost one of his ears. Some revealed that Van Gogh deliberately cut off his ear, but then some said van Gogh lost his ear due to a fight with his friend, who was a French artist, Albert Gauguin.

The Daily Telegraph writer Rupert Hawksley then related this to balance. He writes: To be able to stand on your feet, you need to maintain balance. And your ears must have something to do with maintaining balance.

BBC also reveals things that are not much different, and In your ear, there is a labyrinth of bone space called a labyrinth of bones. This section is divided into three parts. One part, known as your cochlea, is responsible for hearing. The other two, to maintain the balance of other organs.

Then the relationship with Robben? It seems that the purpose of the balance above is to associate with Robben, who often cannot maintain his balance until he is diving.

Andres Iniesta by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is a Spanish artist known as a 20th-century revolutionary painter. That description seems to be enough reason why Andres Iniesta was painted in the style of Picasso’s paintings.

Andrea Pirlo by Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings often incorporate the playful side and hidden meaning in each of his works. Mona Lisa’s smile, which is her best work, is often described as a painting of a woman who has a mysterious expression.

If Da Vinci is from Italy, then who is the most mysterious Italian footballer? Who else if not Andrea Pirlo. On and off the pitch, Pirlo doesn’t say much. His facial expression also seemed never to change. It is very difficult to guess what is in his mind. But even so, excellent bait becomes its beauty in the green field. That is why this Juventus player was canvassed in a Mona Lisa painting.

 Cristiano Ronaldo in the style of Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro

Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro is considered the master of Portuguese realism and is the most famous painter of his generation. While Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world after last year won the Ballon Or. Ronaldo defeated Lionel Messi, who is also the main competitor of Ronaldo in the current era.

What is the relationship between Columbano and Ronaldo? First, Columbano is the best painter, while Ronaldo is currently the best footballer. Secondly, both Columbano and Ronaldo are Portuguese.

Art, The Psychiatric Therapy for Mental Disabilities

The limitations possessed by people with mental disabilities do not necessarily become obstacles to their artistic creativity. Art, in their case, can be a medium of psychiatric therapy in addition to being a medium of expression.

“Previously, they had to be distinguished from those who truly had talent from those who had no talent but had the energy to channel their frustrations,” said Nova Riyanti Yusuf, as a psychiatrist in the ‘Pioneering Indonesian Brut Art Network’ discussion.

Nova said that painting for people with mental disabilities or psychiatric problems could be an opportunity to express emotions moreover if those with limited psychic abilities are unwilling or able to express it directly.

Children or people with mental disabilities have limited psychological and social functions. However, the causes and implications of these deficiencies cannot be explained.

Some that are classified as mental disabilities are difficult to control emotions and social and mental retardation or with a weak brain capture. Schizophrenia or disruption of thought processes and emotional responses also include mental disabilities.

“Doctors do not necessarily understand how he feels, because sometimes to hurry home and do not need to check again, they will say they have not heard a disturbing where, for example. So what can be done (as distribution) is by painting,” Nova said.

According to Nova, interestingly, not only as a medium of expression, the artwork of people with mental disabilities has a value that is not inferior to those with conditions in general.

“I agree that the work of the disabled is eagerly awaited because it is not just a matter of work, but there is a statement in it,” Nova said.

“Work is not something strange; even writing people is now easy. But what is different, people with disabilities give a sense of their work. Besides talent, there is a deep sense of things that they cannot express,” she said.

Another positive value from issuing expressions through art was expressed by the companion of persons with disabilities at the Hadiprana Art Center, Timotheus Warsito. According to her, painting can help her students be more focused and train the motor system.

Timothius admitted, during their time, she helped train many children who already have talent in the field of painting. She often gets recommendations from parents or teachers of children who appear to have talent in the field of painting.

Her job is to see the recommended artistic talents of each child and then help direct and explore these talents as a potential and one of the psychiatric therapies.

“(Painting) is very effective to help focus training, motor training is also more subtle and also from the communication that conveyed their ideas into better paintings,” said Timothius, who claimed to have taught hundreds of children.

5 Most Expensive Paintings in the World, One of them is Leonardo da Vinci’s Painting

Many works by renowned painters in the world of his work end up being the most expensive paintings when marketed or entered the auction hall. Leonardo da Vinci’s works are considered to be the most expensive paintings, reaching Rp 6.3 trillion.

For people who do not understand enough about the value of a work of art must be wondering what is special about a painting where the price reaches trillions of rupiahs. Even though that kind of money can be used to do thousands of other more enjoyable jobs.

For examples, such as making a home purchase, collecting a car, or even traveling abroad. Compared to merely looking at a painting at a location that seems boring. Which one do you choose?

Painting has its charm for its fans, meaning in a complicated process to many factors, the price of a painting can be too expensive. Whoever drew also contributed to the selling value.

These are the 5 most expensive paintings in the world!

Interchange, Willem de Kooning

Next in the second place is a painting by a Dutch-American man, Willem de Kooning, named Interchange, which was created in 1955. This abstract image is inspired by his environment while living in New York. The David Geffen Foundation was marketed at Rp 4.2 trillion in 2015 and was successfully brought back by billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin.

Nafea Faa Ipoipo, Paul Gauguin

Completed in 1892 by Paul Gauguin, this painting tells the story of two indigenous women in the country of Tahiti. The meaning of the name of this picture is “When Do You Want to Get Married?”. Again, people from Qatar who successfully bought it have the name Sheikha Al-Mayassa, equivalent to Rp 2.9 trillion.

Salvator Mundi, Leonardo da Vinci

Quoted from Work and Money, the painting named Salvator Mundi was painted by the familiar painter Leonardo da Vinci in the 1500s. The contents of this picture are the figure of the Lord Jesus, who is holding a crystal ball — successfully marketed in 2017 at Christie’s auction house in New York, United States of Rp 6.3 trillion. Just so you know the one who succeeded in bringing it home is the son of the royal kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. How lucky?

The Card Player, Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne is a French painter who succeeded in creating the third most expensive painting, The Card Player in the 1890s. As the name suggests, this painting reflects 2 people who were playing cards. When technology hasn’t preyed on sociality, people have to find something fun when meeting be it in a cafe or restaurant. One of them is playing cards together. Just imagine if this painting was taken from the present life, where you can play some online poker games, of course this painting will depict two mobile phones rather than the cards itself. The owner of this picture is the Qatari royal family who bought it in 2011 with a nominal value of Rp 3.5 trillion.

Number 17A, Jackson Pollock

The last order of the most expensive paintings in the world is Number 17A by the American painter Jackson Pollock. The picture is very abstract, even included in very abstract art in the 20th century. But what puzzled billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin to buy it home with a price reaching Rp 2.8 trillion.

How do you think that the artworks are worth not entering into the most expensive arrangement of paintings in the world today? Instead of buying paintings, it’s better to invest in funds or create businesses to make them more profitable.