7 Mosaics of Art That Are So Amazing and Moving Your Eyes

A very simple definition of mosaic art is an image or design that is built from small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. This ancient art form has been known for 600SM and has been practiced since then. I have gathered quite a few collections, for example, mosaic art that will probably function and increase your inspiration to start a job.

7 amazing mosaic arts

The Hitchcock Gallery

The Hitchcock Gallery is a series of murals on the walls of the tube station at Leytonstone, where Hitchcock appeared in 1899. There are 17 murals, each depicting scenes from different films. They were created by Greenwich Workshop Mural artists to celebrate the centenary of his birth.

Storm is Coming

Imagine when you watch this mosaic art, it feels like you are going on vacation because that’s how the life of mosaic art above! Michael Graham made this art. Not a few have appreciated the artistic work of art since its release, so little so that in the fact that he picked up this Member’s award at the Society’s 11th annual meeting of the American Mosaic Artist conference last year.

In Her Shoes

Plate glass, stained glass, and abalone create this beautiful mosaic art. Artists living in As Lin Schorr created “In Her Shoes”. Starting his career as an artificial coordinator in the fashion industry, this is one of the works that won the Best in Show award at the 2012 Society of American Mosaic Artists.

Secret Mosaic Staircase

One hundred sixty-three steps to the top of the mosaic. Artwork created by Irish ceramist Aileen Barr, this creation requires 300 workers about two and a half years. It takes 2,000 hand-produced tiles and 75,000 mirror fragments, stained glass and tiles to complete the sea-to-sky design, which combines the names of more than 220 sponsors.

Winters Beauty

This artwork looks more like a painting than a mosaic. But Laura Rendlen did not put not a few pieces of stone, shell, glass, and gems together to make Winters Beauty. And thanks to his hard work, he saved last year’s Mosaic International Jury Choice Award.

Secret Between You and Me

We have to write “Truly Extraordinary” mosaic artwork arranged at made by Atsuko Laskaris, this art is named ‘Secret between you and me.’ Laskaris Born in Japan and now working in California, Laskaris has a truly stunning and intricate detailed mosaic portfolio.

Autumn Landscape

Sandra Bryant uses small pieces of glass to make the most complicated mosaic works. Initially beginning to appear in oil paintings, Bryant moved to mosaic art when he married her husband Carl to the point that they created it together. This duo prioritizes itself in contemporary mosaic art, making glass and ceramic tile designs for use inside and outside the home. Sandra Bryant made this landscape glass mosaic in 2006.