5 Scary Paintings in the World, Do You Dare to See Number 4 Painting?

Residents of new homes usually buy a painting to give a beautiful impression to a room. However, what happens when replacing a house with scary paintings in the world? I was amazed … but the hair on my neck stood up!
A painting full of abstract scribbles has a high artistic value, which can create a spooky impression.
Some paintings have creepy themes made by world-famous painters.

Try your test by looking at the scary paintings below!

“The Crying Boy”

In plain view, this boy is adorable, isn’t he? However, the work of Giovanni Bragolin’s painting or also called Bruno Amadio, became famous because of the story of a firefighter. The Sun magazine published the story in 1980 in England.

There was one fire that occurred in one house this year, but the only item left was the painting “Crying Child.” Very hot flames did not scratch this painting. A lively fact, the boy in this painting, is an orphan greater in danger. Wow, goosebumps, too, the story!

“Death of Marat”

Still Edvard Munch, a Norwegian painter. This time his work tells the story of a man named Marat who fights against his illness. The brutal, horrific impression studied by patients still struggling to produce remains seriously ill.

The Hands Resist Him

The making of this painting was in 1972 by Bill Stoneham. “The Hands Resist Him,” ​​thought the figure of a boy who was said to be Bill when he was a child. He was seen standing alone with an expressionless girl doll beside him.
Mystical stories often occur in this painting because, based on the recognition of people who have received, this painting often moves on its own. Also, the girl doll in the picture often disappears. Geez, you’re so scary!

The Dead Mother

This work by Edvard Munch is included in the next creepy painting. The fact that was released, this painting was the outpouring of the painter, Edvard, who was left dead by the comics. The emotions expressed in each stroke seemed to make “The Dead Mother” very real and lively.

According to the story, the figure of a child in this painting looks very lively because someone is staring then the boy’s eyes will come along. Ouch! Do you dare to be surprised?

Heads Severed

This work is one of the scariest paintings in the world. The painter is Theodore Gericault, who is identical to his romantic works. However, for this work, he places different romanticism. Pieces inspired him in hospitals and laboratories. The concept is beautiful … but it’s scary at night?

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